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Glass Balustrades Swindon

Glass Balustrades are a fantastic way to breathe new life into your Swindon residential or commercial renovation project. As design trends change, we are seeing a huge leaning towards the use of sustainable materials, and nothing is more abundant than glass and steel. We offer a complete range of internal and external balcony, frameless, decking and post handrail systems to suit your needs. Our handrail is available in grade 316 and 304 stainless steel along with toughened safety glass that is laminated and treated to meet the required standards of building regulations. Every project is bespoke and unique so contact our company to discuss any architectural drawings or plans that you may have.

Types of Balconies

What categories of glass balutrade system do you want our intallers to fit in Swindon? With an ever increasing range to choose from, we can supplyand fit all types available from Stainless Steel Post and Handrail, Spigot Foot, Square Post, Frameless U-Channel which can be attached from front facia mounting or base mounted into the ground. See below for more detail on the varations available.

Post & Rail

Stainless Steel Handrail
By far the most popular type of balustrade, Steel Post and Rail comes in a variety of formats and allows for the most amount of flexibility in terms of choosing a design and style. Available for selection is a chrome plated finish for that high end exuberant shine, polished stainless steel for the professional feel or brushed steel for the contemporary classic.

We can provide square post and handrail, this is a more niche product and lends itself extremely well for powder coating in a variety of colors and finishes. The steel post and rail comes in 2 alloy types, 304 grade for internal installations and the 316 grade which is marine grade stainless steel and resistant to salt water rust and corrosion.


Frameless Balustrade
Frameless balustrades are favored by architects and being introduced into may new build projects including existing renovations where preservation is important. The system uses a brushed aluminum u-channel that allows the glass panel slots into, which clamps it securely into place.

U-channel comes in a few different formats which allows for different fixing methods, center fixed with bolts going straight down, lip fixed where the u-channel is on the very edge of a wall and the fixing bolts are set back from the edge, and fascia mounted going into a wall. Because of the way it is secured from just the base channel, to cope with the extra force applied on it, frameless balustrade requires a minimum thickness of laminated toughened glass to meet safety regulations.

Glass Staircases

Glass Staircases are becoming ever popular and we supply them to both residential and commercial properties. This type of balustrade will need a template drawn up, as most interior stairs are unique and each project will be bespoke with regards to the glass and angles of cut.

We can provide the frameless type which is recessed into the staircase using u-channel or we can side fix using stand off clamps or buttons which fix into the wall. Existing staircases can also be converted into glass staircases but removing the banister posts and replacing them with stainless steel glass clamps and then inserting glass panels. We also can build bespoke staircases using oak for the banister and post rail if your existing structure is not suitable for glass panels.

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