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Glass Balustrades Reading

Glass Balustrades for Interiors, Exteriors, Domestic and Commercial.

Do you want to remove the stress surrounding the designing, purchasing and construction of a professional glass balustrade system in your home? – We can help.

At the final stages of a lengthy home renovation project why not enjoy the fruits of your labour, relax, and let us complete the glass balustrade work – our team has the skills and years of experience gained from working with glass balustrades.

A phone call away, we can help you decide what system best suits your project, with our complete range of balustrade designs – steel framed, powder coated, frameless, semi frameless or wireframe.

Whether you are building on wooden decking, a patio, balcony or a raised structure, Internal or external, our glass and frameless balustrade systems will be perfect.

The final stages of a home renovation can can be draining, so why not enjoy the fruits of your labour and let us finish off the balustrade work, we do it every day!

Call us on 01172900374 – With dedicated phone support we are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your project.

We provide services in Reading but we are not limited to just this area, please get in touch if your location is not listed on the website but you would like to enquire about our services.