Frameless Balustrade – Adjustable

Frameless balustrade using an aluminium channel, with adjustable packers for glass alignment along the top edge. Totally frameless for uninterrupted views.

Frameless Balustrade – Fixed Handrail

Frameless Balustrade with a caprail, for comfort to hold and lean on while enjoying the view. This system uses standard fixed packer wedges, no need for adjustment because the caprail brings the glass into alignment.

Frameless Balustrade – Glass Clamps

Frameless balustrade with stainless steel glass clamps fixed into the wall or balcony edge. Also known as stand off clamps or button fix.

Juliet Balcony with Easy View System

Glass Balcony for use on a dormer, loft conversions and french doors, these aluminium channels can be fixed into the recess and also the outside of the wall. flexible and affordable, powder coating options available.

Stainless Steel Post and Handrail

This glass balustrade system uses stainless steel posts and handrail. Made with 316 grade steel it adds defense against corrosion and it suitable for external use. 304 steel is used for internal balustrade.


Glass balustrades and Frameless glass balustrades are fast becoming the essential upgrade to any building. With lowering glass prices due to imports of toughened glass from china the trend is spreading. New buildings are being designed with more structural glass and implementing glass balustrades and juliet balconys during the building phase.

The glass we use is premium quality 10 mm or 12 mm toughened safety glass and we use the finest stainless steel for the frames and clamps.

Frameless Glass balustrades use toughened glass which undergoes a heat treatment process to stabilise the molecules creating a more flexible glass that if it were to break would create small blocks rather than dangerous shards.

If you are interested in a glass balustrade system then please check out our glass balustrades page where we showcase some of the designs and previous work which have been in and around bristol

You may choose from a number of system style that include such as a frameless balustrade with a u channel track, cut into the ground that clasps the glass at the bottom and shows no framework.

Framed glass balustrade using stainless steel or aluminium frame that can be round with a brush finish or square posted. You can opt for a partial frame system where there is posts but no handrail and the glass is finished with a smooth rounded edge to touch. Plastic strip is also used to cap the end of the glass where the hand touches.

Spigot posted balustrades are where there are 2 posts like feet fixed into the ground that grip onto the bottom of the glass and create an elegant look. Spigot systems rely on a firm fixing into the ground so a concrete base internally or externally is preferable over wooden decking.